Announcing the Acronis Cyber Platform

Acronis Cyber Platform Overview

Acronis Cyber Platform Overview

Today, we are announcing the Acronis Cyber Platform. The Acronis Cyber Platform is the foundation of Acronis’ Cyber Protection solutions, and with this launch we are opening and expanding the APIs we have been using to build our solutions on for years. We are also launching the Acronis Developer Network, where developers, ISVs and service providers can register and gain access to SDKs, documentation, sample code, training, forums and a developer playground. To support the platform, we are also announcing the Acronis Cyber Cloud Solutions portal, with it, all of our existing and new integrations are described and made available to our ecosystem in one place.

With the Acronis Cyber Platform developers are able to integrate, customize and extend solutions to protect new data sources, add new data storage locations, implement new data management functionality with Acronis cyber protection solutions.

APIs and SDKs

The Acronis Cyber Platform exposes a set of integration points enabled by corresponding APIs and SDKs to allow 3rd-party partners to integrate existing and create new solutions. Those integration points dramatically change how you can protect your environments from modern treats. The image below highlights all of the API and corresponding SDKs.

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With this launch, the Management API we have been using for years is now literally open to everyone, enabling the seamless integration of Acronis Cyber Cloud into any managed environment. This API also builds a basis for more advanced solutions.

The world’s data volume increases day by day, and the number of data types is growing as well. The Data Source SDK we are announcing enables partners to build backup or archive solutions that are aware of data types. Databases, SaaS solutions, IoT devices are totally different data sources and they need to be backed up and restored differently.

Today it’s important not only what workloads and systems you are backing up but where to store those backups as to as well. Data locality and data sovereignty are increasingly important today and local and global policies, regulations plus your internal and external requirements will drive you to use specific destinations to back up or archive your data. With the Data Destination SDK you have unlimited choice of where you can store your backups including the Acronis Cyber Cloud, private and public clouds and different kinds of on-premises storage infrastructure.

Modern challenges require organizations like yours to have more control of your data before, during and after backup. With the Acronis Cyber Platform Data Management SDK partners can create data format aware solutions to enrich end-customer experiences including but not limited to advanced search, data processing and transformation.

And finally, there is the possibility of deeper integrations. With the Services SDK qualified partners may become a part of the Acronis Cyber Cloud itself.

5 Levels on Integration with the Acronis Cyber Platform

The Acronis Cyber Platform was architected around 5 key principles of integration that your solution will benefit from.

Business Integration

Developers are able to bundle their solutions, and enable centralized management, provisioning, feature and quota management, billing a usage reporting, user management and SSO between all services.

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User Interface Integration

While Acronis has long had the ability to customize the Acronis Cyber Cloud UI using a templating engine, now with the Acronis Cyber Platform we will have a UI Style Guide and a UI Kit (SDK) to enable developers to build new screens re-using existing components library.

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Management Integration

Developers can leverage the native capabilities of Acronis cyber protection solutions to enable centralized management of protection policies. These polices are extensible.

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Cross-products integration

The Acronis Cyber Platform APIs enable developers to extend their solution and integrate across products. For example a new solution can be enabled that integrates Acronis Notary with Acronis Files.

Deep Technology Integration

With the Acronis Cybe Platform developers can leverage a common technology stack.

Common infrastructure: Host new services and components on top of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure. Utilize Acronis Cyber Platform deployment, monitoring and operation tools.

Common Components

Build new services on top of the Acronis Cyber Platform reusing existing components: task manager, Audit, dashboards, Alert manager, and more.

Common functionality

Focus on your service’s functionality while getting common features from the platform for free: multi-tenancy, user management, authorization etc.

Common Agent

Extend the Acronis backup agent with application plugins: MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. Integrate components from 3rd party services; Anti-virus, VPN, DLP etc.

Launching the Acronis Developer Network Portal

The new portal is the center of the Acronis Cyber Platform developer community. In the portal developers can access:

  • Interactive documentation
  • API reference based on RAMLs
  • Try-It sections and generated code snippets (coming soon)
  • Detailed documentation from doc team

Acronis Cyber Platform API is a REST API and developers can use any well-known libraries or frameworks to interact with it. To simplify the start of your development project, we’ve created libraries for common development languages and ecosystems available directly from the portal.

We’ve also created and published Python samples on GitHub. This repository provides a set of easy to understand and tested Python samples for using Acronis Cyber Platform API.

With the opening of the Acronis Cyber Platform APIs we are committed to our openness and we are opening the Acronis Cyber Cloud WHMCS provisioning module as well. It is a production quality full functional WHMCS integration developed by Acronis’ engineering team. The module is the same as available at WHMCS Marketplace. On the one hand, it’s a valuable example of Acronis Cyber Platform API usage from PHP, on the other hand it’s a great quick starter for companies who want to build their own WHMCS module for Acronis Cyber Cloud. A partner can fully reuse code and base business logic but change only what they need to change, as we publish it under the MIT license.

We are also launching the ability for registered Acronis Developer Network users to have access to a developer playground, training programs and access to the Acronis forum.

Launching the Acronis Cyber Cloud Solutions Portal

This new portal is visible to the wide audience of Acronis ecosystem including our service provider partners, our reseller partners and end-user organizations. Solutions that have been integrated to date are featured. The current categories include RMM/PSA, Service Automation, Data Sources, Data Destinations, Tools and Security Services. Any partner, who develops solution and successfully passes a solutions’ publication process, will be listed at the Acronis Cyber Cloud Solutions Portal. Each solution has a page with all of the relevant information about the solution including overviews, use cases, links to further documentation, support details and more.

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Next Steps:

  1. Developers: – Start today, Register on the Acronis Developer Portal and See the Code Samples available
  2. Develop a solution and publish it on the Acronis Cyber Cloud Solutions Portal
  3. Review solutions available in the Acronis Cyber Cloud Solutions Portal
  4. If you are looking for development assistance to accelerate your time to market, connect with the Acronis Professional Services representatives or one of the API consulting agencies
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