Fetching a list of all activities

  1. Authenticate to the cloud platform via the Python shell.

    The following variables should be available now:

    >>> base_url  # the base URL of the API
    >>> auth  # the 'Authorization' header value with the access token
    {'Authorization': 'Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsImtpZCI6ImMwMD...'}
  2. Send a GET request to the /activities endpoint:

    >>> response = requests.get(f'{base_url}/activities', headers=auth)


    For the list of available query string parameters, refer to the API reference.

  3. Check the status code of the response:

    >>> response.status_code

    The 200 code means that the request was successful.

    A different code means that an error has occurred. For the details, refer to “Status and error codes”.

    Also, the response body contains the items array of activity objects formatted as a JSON text. When converted to an object, it will look as follows:

    >>> pprint.pprint(response.json())
    {'items': [{'completedAt': '2020-04-22T11:34:03.290396913Z',
                'context': {'IsProcessRoot': True,
                            'Persistent': {'AgentType': 'agent',
                                        'ID': 'f7358a00-8469-45ae-a0c3-22952e9ed12f',
                                        'Name': 'DESKTOP-GFT9S1R',
                                        'OwnerID': '1496265'},
                            'Specific': 'Business',
                            'UserName': 'DESKTOP-GFT9S1R\\AMS User',
                            'isLegacy': True,
                            'title': "Adding agent 'DESKTOP-GFT9S1R' to the "
                                    'management server'},
                'createdAt': '2020-04-22T11:34:03.290396913Z',
                'executor': {'clusterId': '', 'id': ''},
                'id': 944455285181775872,
                'idString': '944455285181775872',
                'result': {'code': 'ok',
                        'payload': 'MachineManagement::AddAgentResponse'},
                'startedAt': '2020-04-22T11:34:03.290396913Z',
                'startedByUser': 'DESKTOP-GFT9S1R\\AMS User',
                'state': 'completed',
                'taskId': 944455285181775872,
                'taskIdString': '944455285181775872',
                'tenant': {'id': '1496265',
                        'locator': '/1/1496262/1496265/',
                        'name': 'John Doe'},
                'type': 'A59E8BF2-39C3-42C4-B667-CB672381A214',
                'updatedAt': '2020-04-22T11:34:03.294683447Z',
                'uuid': '38045860-8901-426e-b51f-fc6d24d1cbe0'}]}