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Documentation for Acronis Cyber Platform APIs

Account Management

Automates provisioning and billing of Acronis Cyber Cloud services for your customers, and serves as an identity and access management framework.

Platform Core

A set of APIs that provide the common functionality for Acronis Cyber Cloud services.

  • Alerts API enables activation, inspection, and removal of alerts generated by Acronis Cyber Protection.
  • Tasks API enables inspection of tasks and activities performed by Acronis Cyber Protection.
  • Agents API provides information about agents registered in Acronis Cyber Protection and their endpoints.
  • Resource and Policy Management API enables protection of workloads registered in Acronis Cyber Protection.
  • Vault Manager API is responsible for meta-information about Vaults, Archives and Backups registered in Acronis Cyber Protection, tracks their data consistency and controls corresponding operations (create, read, update, delete).

File Sync & Share

Provides access to secure content management features for use in your own product, including automation of file storage, sync, share, and search.


Enables notarization, electronic signature, and authenticity verification of files and JSON objects of any size by using the Ethereum blockchain.