The Notary API is available at a specific URL (the API base URL): <datacenter_url>/api/notary/v<version>, where:

  • <datacenter_url> – the URL of a data center where the account of a user using the API is registered. To discover this URL, send the user’s login to the global router available at https://cloud.acronis.com/api/1/accounts.

    For example, you may enter the following in the address bar of a web browser:


    The output may be as follows:

    {"login": "JohnSmith", "id": 0, "server_url": "https://eu2-cloud.acronis.com"}

    The server_url value is the data center URL.

  • v<version> – the API version number.

Therefore, the API base URL used in this guide is: https://eu2-cloud.acronis.com/api/notary/v2