Verifying the authenticity of the files

The API provides two methods of verifying if a file has been or is being notarized by the notary service:

The API also provides the same verification methods with possibility to verify multiple files or hashes. Refer to “Verifying the authenticity of multiple files by their hashes” or “Verifying the authenticity of multiple files by sending them to the notary service”.

After calculating or receiving a hash value of the file contents, the service searches this value in all notarization certificates stored in the service and provides the notarization certificate that matches provided notarization certificate ID and the hash value to the API.

After you receive the notarization certificate, you can verify the authenticity of the file against the notarization certificate information in the following steps:

  1. Check that the hash of the Merkle Tree root is stored in the blockchain by opening the transaction details on{txid}, and checking that the Data field in the Logs tab is equal to the value of the merkle_root key.

  2. Check that the Merkle Tree contains the file hash by using the following command line utility