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Education and Certification for Developers on Acronis Cyber Platform

Learn about developing with the Acronis Cyber Platform APIs with our educational resources, training classes and certification exams.

These courses are designed to get you up and running quickly whether you're an experienced developer or not, we can point you to training that will help you develop high-quality integrations that are both useful and marketable.

Pre-Course Preparation

Training Course #1: Business Automation

Business Automation and account management training course is focused on the Acronis Cyber Platform Account Management API and provides you the knowledge and hands-on experience you’ll need to successfully automate the provisioning of accounts, applications, offering items, quota management, user creation and activation as well as reports management and much more.

About the course
  • Scenario Based Interactive Course
  • 3 Hands-on-Labs with detailed step-by-step manuals in: PowerShell, Bash, and Postman
  • Includes updated module to support Acronis Cyber Protect solutions
  • Best practices and advice for integrators
  • Dedicated training module for managing SKU mappings
You will learn how to
  • Automate accounts provisioning
  • Manage applications, offering items and quota
  • Create and aсtivate users
  • Manage reports
  • Create Billing Automation for SKUs