Usage and reporting

There are two ways to fetch a service usage:

  • By fetching a tenant service usage using the /tenants/usages endpoint.

  • By creating a report via the reporting API and fetching a service usage from a report.


  • The information about a service usage of the tenant, provided by the /tenants/usages endpoint, is updated on average every 5-6 hours.

  • For billing purposes, use reports instead of the /tenants/usages endpoint.

What you can do with service usage and reports


Methods and endpoints used

GET /tenants/usages
GET /tenants/{tenant_id}/reports
GET /reports/{report_id}
GET /reports/{report_id}/stored
GET /reports/{report_id}/stored/{stored_report_id}
POST /reports
PUT /reports/{report_id}
DELETE /reports/{report_id}