Activities report

Each time an object (a CyberApp Version, a CyberApp Description or a deployment request) changes state, an activity record is created.
You can see a list of your CyberApp’s activity records in the activities report.


Deployments to your test environment are not included in the activites report.


For more information on object states, see Description approval process, Version approval process, and deployment approval process.

To see your CyberApp activities report

  1. Open your CyberApp.

  2. Select the ACTIVITIES tab.


The report includes the following information about your CyberApp activites:

  • Activity
    The resulting state of the activity.
  • Object Type
    The type of object that the state change activity was performed on.
  • Description (version)
    The description of the CyberApp Description, CyberApp Version or deployment request.


    Descriptions are optional for CyberApp Versions and CyberApp Descriptions.
    If you didn’t provide a description, the object version number is indicated instead.
  • Created
    The date and time that the activity record was created (i.e. when the state change occurred).
  • Reason for state update
    This is the comment (optionally) entered by the person who made the state change.

To filter the report

The report can be filtered by Activity, Object Type, Created and/or Description (version) columns.


For more information, see Activities report filtering.

To show or hide columns

You can choose to show or hide the Created and Reason for state update columns.

  1. Click columns.

  2. Select or clear column options.

To open an object listed in the report

Click the Description (version) report entry link to open the object.

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