Description list

Since both your CyberApp marketing resources can change over time - and can also vary for different international markets - you can create multiple versions of your CyberApp Description.


Each CyberApp Description must be approved by Acronis before the corresponding catalog card and detail page can be published.

To see the CyberApp Description list

  1. Open your CyberApp.

  2. Select the CYBERAPP DESCRIPTIONS tab.


The list includes the following information about your CyberApp Descriptions:

  • Version
    The version number of the Description.
  • Description
    This is the Comment field that you entered when you created the CyberApp Description.
  • State
    The current approval process state of the Description.
    There are 8 possible states:
    • draft
      Is being worked on by you.
      This is the only state where the Description is editable by you.
    • review
      Has been submitted by you for approval by Acronis.
    • awaiting
      Improvements requested by either Acronis or you are pending.
    • approved
      Has been approved by Acronis. The Description is no longer in the approval process.
    • taken
      Taken for correction by Acronis. The Description is no longer in the approval process.
    • needs
      Has been corrected by Acronis, and the changes need your confirmation.
    • declined
      You have declined corrections made by Acronis. The Description is no longer in the approval process.
    • incorrection
      Acronis has corrections/improvements pending.


      For more information on the Description approval states, see Description approval process.

  • Created
    The date and time that you created the CyberApp Description.
  • Localizations
    The number of Description language localizations.
  • Valid
    The Description is marked as valid if all obligatory content is supplied.

To filter the list

The list can be filtered based on the Description column.

To filter the list, start typing a string in the Search field.
Filtering is dynamic. The list is refined with each character you type.

To show or hide columns

  1. Click columns.

  2. Select or clear column options.