Creating a device status widget


To create a device status widget, you must have at least one workload type with at least one attribute which defines a workload status. The attribute presentation must also be defined.
For more information, see Workloads and actions and Creating a workload type.

To create a device status widget

  1. Open the Version.

  2. Select Widgets and reports from the left-hand menu.

  3. [If required] Click Enable to enable the extension point.

  4. Click Add widget.

  5. Select Device status in the Widget type dropdown.

  6. Change the default Name for your widget.

  7. Change the default Code for your widget.


    For more information on CTI codes, see CTI.

  8. Select a category from the Category dropdown.

  9. Select one of your workload types from the Source (Workload type) dropdown.

  10. Select an attribute from the Attribute dropdown.


    Not all attributes are available. To appear in the dropdown list, attributes must be listed in the workload type’s attributes presentation list and be enum.
    For more information, see steps 8 and 9 of Creating a workload type.
  11. Select or clear the Display checkboxes to specify where the widget will be displayed by default.

    • Overview Dashboard (Management console)

    • Overview Dashboard (Protection console)


    By default, both are selected.

  12. Click add to add a Legend entry for your widget.

    1. Select an attribute value from the dropdown.

    2. Select a color for the value from the color dropdown.

  13. Click Save changes.


    Click the PREVIEW tab to see how your widget will look.


The following example is a device status widget for the workload type example provided at the end of in Creating a workload type.