This element is a simple input field. The user inputs a single- or multi-line text, or a number.


  • ID
    Element identifier used to refer to in the callbacks/other areas.
  • Field type
    Specifies what kind of data this element represents.


    This property is only available in Connection setup form.

    • Identity
      The field contains an identity, registered in your service, such as username, API client identifier, etc.
      The identity is sent in the X-CyberApp-Auth header of the callback request as plain text.
    • Connection settings indicates that this information will be sent to the ISV servers but does not need to uniquely identify a user and is not sensitive information that must be stored and sent in a special way.

    • Additional settings

  • Label
    Element label name, as it appears on the UI.
  • Width

    • Full
      Uses 100% of the available width.
    • Fit
      Adjusts the width according to the content.
  • Size
    • Default
      Renders larger input with the label inside.
    • Small
      Renders thinner input with the label outside.
  • Type

    • Text
      Single-line alphanumeric input.
    • Textarea
      A resizable text input that may contain multiple lines.
    • Number
      Only permits numeric literals (digits from 0 to 9, a sign character and a decimal point).


      Number element type allows you to optionally specify the minimum and maximum values.