Dashboard displays CyberApp enablement and usage statistics by partner, end customer, and data center.

To open dashboard

  • Click overview in the Vendor Portal main menu.


Dashboard displays the following statistics:

  • A graph of the number of partners using your CyberApp.
  • A graph of the number of customers using your Cyberapp over a specified time period.
  • A list of the overall number of partners and customers who have enabled each of your CyberApp(s).
  • A list of the number of times your CyberApp(s) have been enabled by partners and by customers on each of the data centers you have deployed to.


To change the date range statistics displayed by a graph, click the date range field and select your preference.
You can select to display statistics from:
  • the past 7 days (default).

  • the past 30 days.

  • a custom date range.

    1. Click the start date of your custom date range.

    2. Click the end date of your custom date range.

      Click < or > to select from a different month.
      Click << or >> to select from a different year.

Filtering dashboard

You can filter the displayed dashboard statistics by a combination of CyberApp, data center, and/or deployment type.


The default filter is no filter. Dashboard displays statistics for all of your deployed CyberApps (test and production) on all data centers.

To apply a filter to dashboard, click a dropdown and select an option.