CyberApp Standard

Acronis CyberApp Standard is a declarative, low-code, UI-driven integration standard that allows ISVs (independent software vendors), system integrators, service providers, and other companies to easily integrate their products and services into Acronis Cyber Platform and/or to customize Acronis Cyber Platform to fit certain business needs.

With CyberApp Standard, the components of Acronis Cyber Platform can be customized or extended with the functions and features of the integrated product.

For example:

  • You can deploy and install a third-party product via the Acronis Cyber Platform.

  • A third-party product may report and display product-specific alerts in Acronis Cyber Platform.

With integrations liked these, Acronis Cyber Platform users can provision, deploy, manage, and monitor third-party products and services alongside the Acronis products. This gives end customers a single platform solution, and increases your sales by making your product available to the entire Acronis user base.

Key benefits

Key benefits of Acronis CyberApp Standard:

  • Declarative, low code, UI-driven development of integrations, enabling both faster development and faster go-to-market.

  • Modular structure provides great flexibility in integration scenarios.

  • CyberApp Standard integrations seamlessly extend platform UI, and can easily be adopted by end customers.

  • Out-of-the-box security provided by CyberApp Standard integration isolation.