Automatic provisioning

The MSP wants to automatically provision a new Acronis customer tenant every time a new customer account is detected in PSA with active contract and assigned mapped features.


  • MSP has enabled the CyberApp.

  • Customer provisioning options are configured.

Basic flow

  1. The following option needs to be available: Automatically create customers (default: off).

  2. The MSP changes the option.

  3. The MSP saves the changes.

Post conditions

If Automatically create customers is:

  • OFF
    Customer tenants will not be created automatically.
  • ON
    Customer tenants will be created automatically, according to the following flow:
    • The CyberApp detects which PSA customers are not mapped.

    • For every such customer, the CyberApp pulls available active contracts and checks if they have a service that is already mapped to Acronis feature.

    • If all the above is true, customer tenants are created.
      For every new customer tenant, an account is also created using the options configured in the Customer provisioning options.

API endpoints

Create tenant

  • The value of kind attribute defines the tenant type:
    • customer

    • partner

    • folder

    • unit


Enhanced security mode is enabled/disabled with true/false value in:
"settings": {"enhanced_security": false}

Tenant billing mode (trial or production)


Create a user for a tenant

Set user roles

Activate a user by one of activation types