Tenancy model

Acronis Cyber Platform follows multi-tenant architecture to provide granular data ownership, access control, licensing, and customization of each organization and its physical or logical units.

The following types of tenants are present in Acronis Cyber Platform and are related in the following order:

  1. Partner
    A service provider or distributor that provisions a service to its end customers.
    Partners manage sub-partners and customers.
  2. Folder
    A logical group of sub-partners and customers within the service provider or distributor with its own offering items and different branding.
  3. Customer
    An end customer organization which purchases and consumes the services.
  4. Unit
    A logical unit for managing groups and departments within the end customer organization.

The following diagram illustrates an example hierarchy of the partner, folder, customer, unit tenants, and their respective users:

Tenancy model

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