Inbound example

Example of an inbound CyberApp

An ISV provides remote access functionality.

Customers must first find the cloud service and perform due diligence (ISV marketing); set up an account, evaluate and purchase it (ISV sales and finance); and constantly improving functionality, interface, and deployment (ISV R&D). On top of that, the ISV product managers and dev team are constantly rolling out new versions the product, and encouraging and managing upgrades.

By building an inbound CyberApp, the ISV delivers their product with a familiar, unified user experience for Acronis’ large and growing technology ecosystem. Promoting the CyberApp on Acronis CyberApp Marketplace means Acronis’ partners can find it, pay for it and enable it (with the assurance that Acronis have tested and certified it), configure it, and immediately start using it - all through Acronis Cyber Protection Console, the cybersecurity portal they use on a daily basis.

Through the Vendor Portal, the ISV teams can work together to manage the full life-cycle of their CyberApp.
  • Marketing can manage CyberApp marketing materials.

  • Sales and finance can manage customer information and access sales data and reports.

  • R&D can refine the CyberApp functionality and interface.

  • Product managers can upload new versions and manage upgrades.