Synchronizing usage

The MSP wants to see Acronis usage in PSA.


  • MSP has enabled the CyberApp.

  • MSP has mapped at least 1 Acronis offering item to the vendor’s PSA system SKU of the product that is sold on a PAYG basis.

Basic flow

  1. The CyberApp should perform automatic usage sync over a specific interval of time (recommended: 24 hours) using the GET /tenants/{tenant_id}/usages endpoint.


It should be also possible to trigger the usage sync manually.

  1. During the sync, if PSA product is sold:

    • on a PAYG basis
      Update PSA product quantity with the usage of the mapped offering item.
    • on a PREPAID basis
      Skip the update.

Post conditions

  • Contracts/agreements are updated in vendor’s PSA system.

API endpoints

Quota sync (servers, workstations, storage, etc.) usage for PAYG mode


Get the usage value from absolute_value field.

Quota sync for prepaid mode


Skip, update is not needed.
Get the usage value from absolute_value field and compare with value (and/or overage in quota object, if overuse notification is required).

Acronis billing scenario

Billing automation with usage report.