This element is a customizable number input element.


  • ID
    Element identifier used to refer to in the callbacks/other areas.
  • Field type
    Specifies what kind of data this element represents.


    This property is only available in Connection setup form.

    • Connection settings indicates that this information will be sent to the ISV servers but does not need to uniquely identify a user and is not sensitive information that must be stored and sent in a special way.
    • Additional settings
  • Label
    Element label, as it appears on the UI.
  • Width

    • Full
      Uses 100% of the available width.
    • Fit
      Adjusts the width according to the content.
  • Minimum
    The minimum value for the field.


    The minimum possible value is -Infinity.

  • Maximum
    The maximum value for the field.


    The maximum possible value is Infinity.

  • Increment
    The incremental value by which the counter increases or decreases.
  • Number prefix
    This string is added to the beginning of the numeric value.
  • Number suffix
    This string is added to the end of the numeric value.
  • Integer only
    Toggle on for the input to only allow integers.