Create launch request

After the CyberApp Description and Version are approved, you can send a deployment request.

There are two types of deployment requests:

  • Production deployment
    For deployment to the production data centers.
    The CyberApp will be publicly available in the application catalog.
  • Test deployment
    For deployment to the test environment in specific tenants.
    The CyberApp will only be available in the application catalog for the specified tenants.

Selecting the CyberApp and targets

When creating the Production deployment request, you must select an approved CyberApp Description and Versions, and select the regions or specific data centers where you want to deploy.

For each CyberApp, you can enable automatic deployment to new data centers in regions where the CyberApp is deployed.
So, if, for example, your CyberApp is deployed to the Americas region, and a new data center is opened there, your CyberApp will be deployed to the new data center with no intervention required from you.

When creating the Test deployment launch request, the ISV can select any versions, including drafts, of the CyberApp Descriptions and Versions, and can select the ISV tenants in which the CyberApp will be available.


Publication mode

Publication mode defines the development phase the CyberApp is currently on and is only available for Production deployment launch requests.

Your CyberApp can be published in two modes:

  • Beta
    Can be an early version of the CyberApp.
  • Production
    Is ready for consumption by customers.

Each version of your CyberApp can only be published in one publication mode.

Visibility mode

Visibility mode defines how the CyberApp will appear in the Acronis application catalog when deployed.

Your CyberApp may have the following visibility modes:

  • New
    Your CyberApp will be listed in the Acronis applications catalog, marked with the “New” label, and can be enabled by Acronis Partners.
  • Coming soon
    This is used to promote the upcoming release of a new CyberApp or a new version of a CyberApp.
    Your CyberApp will be listed in the Acronis applications catalog, marked with the “Coming soon” label, but cannot be enabled by Acronis Partners.
  • Lighthouse
    Your CyberApp will be listed in the Acronis applications catalog, marked with the “Lighthouse” label, and can be enabled by Acronis Partners.
    With this mode, Acronis Partners that sign up for the CyberApp Lighthouse program will be able to leave feedback about your CyberApp.


    This mode can only be set by Acronis.

  • Hidden
    Your CyberApp will not be listed in the Acronis applications catalog and cannot be enabled by Acronis Partners.
    Partners that already have your CyberApp enabled will continue using it.


Visibility mode can be specified separately for the data centers where your CyberApp is being deployed.

Launch request approval

Once the request is received by Acronis, it follows the same review procedure as CyberApp Description:



In review

Launch request is being reviewed by Acronis.


Acronis requested changes in the Launch request.

Vendor review

Acronis updated the list of data centers in the Launch request and requested the vendor to review the changes.


Launch request has been approved and the CyberApp is being deployed to the data centers specified in the launch request.


Launch request package has been declined either by the vendor or Acronis.

When the launch request is sent for approval, it becomes fixed and can only be updated during the Rework status.

You can check the deployment state of the launch request for each CyberApp Version being deployed.

Deployment monitoring

You can see how your CyberApp is being used by Acronis Partners and customers on the Vendor Portal dashboard.