Provisioning/configuring offering items


The MSP has:

  • enabled the CyberApp.

  • mapped Acronis offering items to vendor’s PSA SKUs.

  • at least 1 mapped customer with an agreement/contract containing 1 mapped Acronis offering item.

  • defined a SKUs in PSA.

  • defined prices for SKUs in PSA.

Basic flow

  1. The CyberApp should perform automatic sync over a specific interval of time (recommended: 15 minutes).


It should be possible to trigger the sync manually.

  1. During the sync, the CyberApp will provision the offering items in Acronis using the PUT /tenants/{tenant_id}/offering_items endpoint.
    If the PSA product is sold:
    • on a PAYG basis
      Enable the mapped offering item and set the quota to unlimited.
    • on a PREPAID basis
      Enable the mapped offering item and set the quota to match the quantity of the PSA product.
      The quota should be set as hard, so no overage is done.
  2. Disable all other offering items for that customer, except if that offering item is mapped as “free” provisioning.

  3. Any errors triggered during enabling/disabling offering items should be displayed to the MSP. For example, disabling offering items with usage is not possible and will cause an error.


Sync errors encountered during the synchronization of 1 customer should not stop the synchronization of other customers.

API endpoints

Enable/disable offering items, and quota limits for a customer

Alternatively switch edition for a customer