CyberApp architecture

The following diagram outlines the CyberApp metadata data distribution in the platform:


The following diagram outlines the connection between the ISV’s service and the platform:


Extension points

An extension interface of Acronis Cyber Platform that allows CyberApps to extend the platform with a new resource type, interface and/or feature of the integrated product. For example, alerts, workloads, widgets, a menu item with a custom page, etc.

The extension points can be divided into the following types:

  • Base domain model type extension.

  • User interface extension.

An example of a base domain model type extension can be a new alert type provided by the application. When the application extends a platform alert type with the new alert type, it inherits the following original behavior as well:

  1. Standard Alerts API methods (create, read, update, dismiss, delete).

  2. Alerts management UI.

  3. Alerts aggregation rules.

  4. User notification pipeline (emails, push notifications, daily recaps, etc.).

  5. Appropriate events generation on alert state change (alert created, alert dismissed, etc.).

An example of the user interface extension point can be a new menu item provided by the application. This extension point allows describing the appearance of the new menu item in the user interface (label, page contents, children pages, etc.) using the declarative Acronis UI Toolkit format.

Vendor Portal

A web portal where Acronis Partners create CyberApps and manage them.

Solutions Portal

A web portal that lists registered CyberApps. Acronis Partners and Customers can find CyberApps, learn more about them and enable them for their tenant.

API Callback Gateway and callback handler

API Callback Gateway is the Acronis Cyber Platform component that sends service-specific requests to the ISV’s cloud. CyberApp configuration defines the callback actions that will be supported by the callback handler in a declarative format.

A callback handler is an API endpoint that accepts HTTP requests from API Callback Gateway, processes them according to the specified format, sends the corresponding action to be executed by the ISV’s service and returns the operation result.


A software component of the integration that synchronizes the data between the ISV’s infrastructure and Acronis Cyber Platform. The connector may be developed by ISV and hosted on the ISV’s side or developed by Acronis and hosted on Acronis Cyber Platform.

A full list of public platform APIs can be found at

Application Manager

Application Manager is a platform service located at the regional data center that synchronizes the applications with the global data center and deploys them.

Application Catalog

Application Catalog is a platform service located at the global data center. Contains the application packages submitted from the Vendor Portal and provides the application data to Application Manager services.