CyberApp management

There are generally 3 approaches to CyberApp management:

  1. An ISV with a single product creates a single CyberApp, and updates the CyberApp Descriptions and CyberApp Versions as their product evolves.

  2. An ISV with several products creates several CyberApp - one for each product - and updates the CyberApp Descriptions and CyberApp Versions as each product evolves.

  3. An ISV creates a new CyberApp for each release of their product(s).


We recommend the first and second approach over the third, but the only limitation is that you can create a maximum of 20 CyberApps.

To see your list of CyberApps

Select mycyberapps from the Vendor Portal main menu.
Click the mycyberappsbreadcrumb breadcrumb at the top of the screen.

Filter the CyberApp list

The list can be filtered based on the CyberApp name.

To filter the CyberApp list, start typing a string in the Search field.
Filtering is dynamic: the list is refined with each character you type.

List views

There are two views for your CyberApp list: the detail view and the tile view.


Tile view is the default.

Both views include the following information about your CyberApps:
  • Name

  • Status
    • development

    • production

  • Created
    The date and time that you created the CyberApp.
  • Last modified
    The date and time that you last modified the CyberApp.
  • CyberApp version
    The Version element versions created in the CyberApp.
  • Data Centers
    The number of Data Centers (DCs) where the CyberApp has been deployed to production.

Tile view


Tile view actions

  • click open to open the CyberApp.

  • click detailviewtoggle to toggle to the list view.

Detail view


Detail view actions

  • select a row to open the CyberApp.

  • click listviewtoggle to toggle to the detail view.

  • click settings to hide or display columns.

  • click elipsis to select an action. Possible actions are: