Password management

This scenario is for ISVs that provide enterprise password management and security. The purpose of such integration is to allow the management of users and their passwords, as well as monitor the overall security score and password strength in Acronis Cyber Platform.

The general scheme is the following:


Typical integration scope

Typical integration scope is built around a basic user management scenario and should include the following functionality:

  1. Establish connection to ISV cloud - connection parameters and credentials to allow data to be transferred to Acronis Cyber Platform using the Integration settings extension point.

  2. Customer mapping - pairing ISV customers to Acronis tenants to be able to report the list of protected users to the correct tenant.

  3. Reporting the list of user accounts using password management functionality

  4. Providing actions to support basic management options for reported users. For example: a. Invite a new user. #. Update the existing user details. #. Reset the master password.

Extended integration scope

To increase the integration value for MSPs, it is recommended to enhance the integration with the following additional functionality:

  1. Provide an additional page for managing password complexity and authentication policies.

  2. Report an alert related to password management. For example: a. A weak password is used for authentication. #. The user account for the specific resource has been compromised due to data leakage.

  3. Create integration-specific widgets to display password management information.