Vendor Portal developers can create and manage multiple CyberApps.

With multiple CyberApps, your organization can:

  • offer independent variations of a single cloud service.

  • make available multiple, independent cloud services.

  • deploy a separate CyberApp for each new major release of a cloud service.

  • offer industry- or market-specific functionality packs.


Only developers can create and manage CyberApps.
For more information, see Vendor Portal.
On top of that, each CyberApp can have multiple CyberApp Descriptions and CyberApp Versions, which may or may not be deployed.
This allows for significant variations in a single CyberApp, with multiple deployments possible on production environments you select, for the Acronis partners and tenants that you can specify.

CyberApp deployment steps

There are 4 steps to building and deploying a CyberApp in Vendor Portal:

  1. Create a CyberApp .
    Create a CyberApp.
  2. Create and manage your CyberApp’s evolving promotional materials.
    CyberApp Descriptions, which are used to provide functionality, promotional and support details for your CyberApp.
    These can change over time, and you can have various Versions for each of your CyberApps, or a different set of information for each CyberApp Version, should you wish.
    CyberApp Descriptions are published in two places when a CyberApp is released to the Acronis Partner market: within the Acronis Cyber Protect console and the Application Catalog.
  3. Create and manage your CyberApp’s functionality.
    CyberApp Versions define the core functionality of your CyberApp: the extension points (such as alerts, widgets, reports, workloads, a new menu, protection plans, etc.), and how they are presented.
    You can add and manage CyberApp Versions as new functionality is developed.
  4. Test and deploy your CyberApp.
    Deploy your CyberApp in your test environment to ensure it works as expected within Acronis Cyber Portal.
    When ready, you can request Acronis to deploy your CyberApp in the production environment(s) of your choice, where Acronis partners can find and evaluate it.