Creating or re-using protection plans

Basic flow

  1. MSP goes to RMM integration settings.

  2. In the Default protection plan section, the partner can choose which plan to upload.

    The integration can fetch the list of existing protection plans using the GET /policy_management/{version}/policies endpoint that needs to be displayed.

  3. Since there are no protection plans per partner tenant, the partner needs to choose a customer a protection plan for it.

  4. MSP chooses the type of workload this plan applies (for example, “Workstations” or “Servers”).

  5. Once MSP maps an RMM customer to an Acronis customer tenant, the integration crawls through all devices for this customer and applies the protection plan to all workloads that don’t have a protection plan.

    The integration can fetch the list of the workloads using the GET /resource_management/{version}/resources endpoint.

API endpoints

  1. It’s good to have separate protection plans for workstations and servers.

  2. Default folder for backups is Acronis Cloud unless specified differently in the protection plan.

  3. You would need the following API:

  4. If the customer doesn’t have a specific offering item enabled, but they are enabled in the protection plan, then the protection plan will throw an error.


    This could be specified in the instructions, when setting the default protection plan.