Application Catalog

The Application Catalog is available to Acronis partners from within the Cyber Protect Cloud platform, and publicly on the Acronis website.

Application Catalog entries consist of two parts:

Application Catalogs for partners

Each Acronis data center (DC) has its own Application Catalog, which lists only the CyberApps available to partners using the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud platform on that particular DC.


When you deploy a CyberApp, you must specify the DCs your CyberApp should be made available on.
For more information, see Deploying a CyberApp.

DC-specific Application Catalogs are available to partners from within Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud platform, and include a Configure button for MSPs to enable and configure Cyberapps.


Online Application Catalog

The full Application Catalog is available publicly on the Acronis website, for reference only.


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