Opening a Description


When you open a Description, you can only edit the contents if the Description status is draft.
Otherwise, the Description will be read-only.
For more information on Description states, see Description approval process overview

To open a CyberApp Description

  1. Open your CyberApp’s Description list.



    If you have not supplied all required content for a CyberApp Description, the Valid column in the Description list is marked as no.


  1. Click the CyberApp Description list entry to open the actions and details panel.

  2. Click details in the available actions bar.


  1. Click the elipsis button on the CyberApp Description list entry.

  2. Select details from the dropdown menu.

The Description opens in the General settings tab.


If the Description status is draft, you can now modify the contents.
For more information on Description contents, see Adding/changing content.