The owner of Cyber Platform (Cyber Protect Cloud Platform). Responsible for the registration of all other actors.
Acronis provides the environment for CyberApp development, and moderates the publishing and provisioning of all CyberApps.

Acronis Cyber Platform (Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Platform)
A cloud platform built for Service providers to deliver unified backup and security solutions to their customers along with a wide range of integrated third-party solutions. The platform provides unmatched ease for service providers, reducing complexity while increasing productivity and decreasing operating costs. Acronis Cyber Platform provides multiple extension points that Independent Software Vendors, System Integrators, Service Providers and other companies may use when creating integrations of their products and/or services using Acronis CyberApp Standard.

Acronis partner
Distributors, managed service providers and any other businesses directly involved in the delivery of Acronis software or services to end customers.
Acronis partners may consume CyberApps and/or enable CyberApps for their end customers.
They can also create CyberApps for custom integrations, but cannot publish them unless they become certified ISVs.

A software component of the CyberApp that synchronizes the data between the ISV’s infrastructure and Acronis Cyber Platform.
The connector may be developed and hosted by ISV or developed and hosted by Acronis.

Cyber Type Identifier (CTI) is a unique ID for object types and instances in Acronis Cyber Platform.

Cyber Protect console
A web interface for Service Providers and end customers to manage workloads and plans, change the protection settings, configure reports or check backup storage.

An integration developed by an ISV, system integrator or other company, in accordance with CyberApp Standard.

CyberApp Description
Materials displayed in the Acronis Application Catalog to promote a CyberApp.

CyberApp Standard
A declarative, low-code, UI-driven integration standard that allows Independent Software Vendors, System Integrators, Service Providers and other companies to easily integrate their products and services into Acronis Cyber Platform or customize Acronis Cyber Platform to fit certain business needs with CyberApps.

An Acronis-certified specialist, working for an ISV or system integrator who develops the CyberApp.
A developer must have practical experience and knowledge of CyberApp Standard.

End customer
An organization or an entity that consumes the services provided by service providers.

Extension point
An extension interface of Acronis Cyber Platform that allows CyberApps to extend the platform with a new resource type, interface and/or feature of the integrated product. For example, alerts, workloads, widgets, a menu item with a custom page, etc.

A single technical capability (for example, an ability to back up virtual machines) provided by the platform or CyberApp.
Features can be tenant-wide or workload-specific.

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)
A third-party software company or technology company that provides products and/or services used by Service Providers alongside Acronis products as a CyberApp.

A third-party software company or technology company that provides products and/or services used by service providers alongside Acronis products as a CyberApp.

Management Portal
A web interface for Service Providers to manage the organization and available services for their end customers.

A principle in software architecture, where a single instance of the software runs on a server, serving multiple client organizations (tenants).

Offering item
A combination of logically grouped features which can be applied to specific workloads. Offering items can be measurable and non-measurable.

A standardized set of files that provide all the information required to create an object - such as a CyberApp Description or a CyberApp Version.

Platform Extension
An entity that describes a new resource type or processing flow that the CyberApp will bring to the platform using the corresponding extension point.

A usage limitation for a measurable offering item.

Service Provider
Provides I.T. services to end customers.
Service providers are divided into different types depending on the services they provide:
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP) - an organization that provides complete or partial I.T. outsourcing services.

  • Managed Security Service Provider - an MSP that focuses on providing I.T. security services.

  • Cloud Service Provider - an organization that provides software, platform, or infrastructure.

  • Hosting Service Provider - an organization that provides web hosting services (domain hosting, website hosting, e-mail hosting, etc.).

  • Network Service Provider - an organization that sells bandwidth or network access (includes Internet Service Providers).

  • Distributor - a third-party company that distributes, resells and/or provides I.T. services to other Distributors and/or Service Providers.

System integrator
A third-party organization, specializing in the development of Cyberapps independently or on behalf of an ISV or other companies.

A logical partition of Acronis Cyber Platform, dedicated to an organization (Customer/Partner) or a unit of the organization (Unit/Folder).

Vendor Portal
Vendor Portal is where CyberApp creation, deployment, management, and reviewing is done.
Vendor Portal is also used to manage product positioning and marketing materials.

Any entity that can be protected by Acronis Cyber Platform. For example: laptops, servers, databases, etc. Workloads can be managed (with a protection agent installed) or unmanaged (without a protection agent installed).