Requesting production deployment

When you have an approved Version and an approved Description, you can request production deployment of your CyberApp to one or more Data Centers (DCs).


We recommend that you first deploy your approved Version and Description to your test environment and ensure that it works and looks as expected.

To request production deployment

  1. Open your CyberApp deployment list.

  2. Click Add and select Request for production deployment.

  3. In the Description field, provide a description for production deployment request.

  4. Select the target data centers (DCs) to deploy your CyberApp to. They are grouped by geographical region.

  5. For each selected DC, select:

    • CyberApp Version
      Only Approved Versions are available for productin deployments.

      You can also select No Version from the dropdown list to only publish the Application Catalog card.


      For more information, see No Version deployments

    • CyberApp Description


      Only Approved Descriptions are available.
    • Publishing tag
      This adds a text tag at the top left of the Application Catalog card.
      The options are:
      • None

      • New

      • Coming soon

      • Lighthouse


      For more information, see Catalog card.

    • Deployment status
      • Visible

      • Hidden

  6. Click Next.

  7. Verify your production deployment request settings.

  8. Either:

    • Click Back to return to step 3 and make changes.

    • Click Save to save your request for now, and return to it later.
      The production deployment request appears in your deployments list with a state of draft.
    • Click Send for approval.
      Vendor Portal send your production deployment request to Acronis for approval.
      The request appears in your deployments list with a state of deployreview.


The number of Draft or In review production deployment requests in your deployment list is limited to 10.