Automating tasks

The MSP wants to schedule and automate tasks for one or multiple devices.


  • MSP has enabled the integration.

  • MSP has already configured Acronis agents authentication.

  • MSP has deployed the Acronis agents to the target workloads.

Tasks include:

Basic flow to run a script

These are scripts that are sent to the endpoint and talk to the agents.

  1. MSP selects one of the available Remote Management scripts (Windows, Linux or Mac version):

    1. Acronis_install_agent

    2. Acronis_uninstall_agent

    3. Acronis_manage_protection_plan

    4. Acronis_scans

  2. Enters the parameter values required by the script.

  3. MSP runs the automation script.

Post conditions

The script is executed and the correct task is performed according to the script type and the script parameters specified by the MSP for the selected devices.

API endpoints

Run backup

Stop backup

  • Possible with non-public API.

Run antimalware scan


Input the sub-policy UUID to policy_id parameter in JSON body/payload.

Apply plan

Revoke plan