Installing the Acronis agent

The MSP wants to deploy/uninstall/upgrade the Acronis agent to endpoints managed by the RMM.


  • The MSP has enabled the CyberApp.

  • Successful customer mapping.

  • Data center URL where the customer is located has been fetched from the mapping.

Basic flow

These tasks are done using scripts:

  1. The MSP selects the workloads and clicks an option to install or deploy the Acronis agent.

  2. Option for vendor #1: Create a new registration token for the selected workloads.

    Option for vendor #2: Create a new registration token, refresh the token every 30 minutes and get it from local storage when required.

  3. RMM service sends the appropriate script, along with the registration token and the Acronis data center URL to the RMM agent on the workload.

  4. The RMM agent executes the script, passing the token and URL as arguments.

  5. The script:

    1. Fetches a list of installers from the Acronis data center using the GET /agent_update_references endpoint.

    2. Parses that list to find the installer for the current OS.

    3. Downloads the installer.

    4. Executes the installer.

    5. Once the installation completes, it registers the agent and passes the token as an argument.


  • If the option uninstall agent is selected, then the script runs the uninstall command, which uninstalls the agent from the workload and unregisters it from Acronis.

  • If the upgrade agent option is selected, then the script runs the upgrade command, which runs agent update.

API endpoints


Request agent registration token via API

Postman examples


There are 2 ways to use this endpoint.

Download agent for Windows, Linux, macOS via API

Remove agent and registration from a tenant

Update agent