The MSP wants to be able to test and troubleshoot the connectivity between Acronis and SIEM.


Within the SIEM, the MSP needs to have a Test CyberApp connection button (test API endpoint connection attempt).

Basic flow

  • Clicking the Test CyberApp connection button gives the following information:

    If the call to the test endpoint:

    • Succeeds
      Display a “Connection successful” message.
    • Fails
      Display a “Connection failed” message.
  • If the CyberApp cannot connect to Acronis system due to invalid credentials:

    1. Display an inline error message.

    2. The corresponding status should be shown in the CyberApp summary view.

  • If, during period syncs, the CyberApp cannot connect to Acronis because it is not available, it should count the number of failed sync tasks and generate an alert after 3 subsequent failed syncs.

API endpoints