Version approval process

Each CyberApp Version must be approved by Acronis before it can be used in a deployment.

The Version approval process

The approval process flow is illustrated here:



When either you or Acronis change a Version’s approval process state, Vendor Portal requests a comment.
This comment should include the reason for and/or details of the state change.
This information is displayed in the Version list actions and details panel in the Reason for state update field.


To open the actions and details panel, click a CyberApp Version list entry.
When you send a Version for approval, the Version becomes read-only and the state changes to review.
There are two possible outcomes of an Acronis approval review:
  • Approval
    Acronis changes the Version state to approved.
    The Version can now be used in a deployment.
    Neither you nor Acronis can change the Version any more.
    You can duplicate the Version or open and view the content.
  • Acronis requests improvements
    Acronis changes the Version state to awaiting and specifies the recommended improvements in the Reason for state update field of the actions and details panel.
    The Version remains read-only until you change the state back to draft by selecting the Edit action.
    When you have made the improvements, you should resend the Version for approval.