• ID
    Element identifier used to refer to in the callbacks/other areas.
  • Row key
    The ID of one of your table columns, which can be used to uniquely identify table rows.
    If not set, the default row key is ‘id’.
    Table rows cannot be selected if the row key is not present in the callback response.
  • Searchable column ID
    The ID of the column that will be used by the search field.
  • Size
    • Default

    • Compact

    • Medium

  • Table columns
    Click New column to add a column.
    Click Delete to delete a column.
    Use the up and down arrows to reorder the columns.
    • Column name
      The column header title.
    • ID
      The ID of the column.
  • Action buttons
    Action buttons are displayed above the table.
    • Label
      The button label.
    • Availability
      The condition which determined whether the action button is clickable or not.
      • Always enabled

      • If one row is selected

      • If some rows are selected

      • If no rows are selected

    • On click
      The action executed when the user clicks the button.
      • No action
        The button has no action.
      • Callback
        A callback is executed. You must specify the callback.
      • Open form
        A form is opened. You must specify the form name.
      • Close form
        An open form is closed.