Catalog card

Acronis publishes an Application Catalog card for each deployed CyberApp:

Application Catalog cards include the following details, which are taken from the deployed CyberApp Description:

  • The logo.

  • The name.

  • The catalog card description.


For more information, see the About CyberApp Description content page.


Two CTA buttons are displayed:

  • Learn more
    Opens the CyberApp details page.
  • Configure
    Opens a page where the partner can enable and configure the CyberApp.


    This button is not included on the publicly available Application Catalog webpage.

Deployment tags

When you deploy a CyberApp, you have the option to add a text tag to the Application Catalog card.


For more information on deploying a CyberApp, see Deploying to test and Requesting production deployment.

The tag options are:

  • None (Default. As seen in the example, above.)

  • New

  • Coming soon

  • Lighthouse


Highlights a new CyberApp or an update to an existing CyberApp’s functionality.


Coming soon

Alerts partners to a CyberApp which is soon to be deployed on the data center, but which is not yet available.



The Learn more and Configure buttons are disabled for Coming soon deployments.


Invites partners to participate in a Lighthouse program for the CyberApp.

Lighthouse is a special, high-touch, early-adoption program.
With Lighthouse, Acronis assigns a dedicated Solutions Engineer and Product Manager to support and promote the CyberApp.
When MSPs sign up for the Cyberapp Lighthouse program, trouble-free activation, on-going technical support, and feedback management are managed by this dedicated support team.
This means MSP partners benefit early from the CyberApp functionality, with the comfort and peace-of-mind of having experts to provide guidance and assistance.
Also, relevant feedback benefits the Cyberapp development team by highlighting potential UX improvements and new features which would increase the value of the Cyberapp for users.

The Configure button on Lighthouse CyberApp cards redirects Acronis Partners to the Lighthouse sign-up page.