Opening a Version


When you open a Version, you can only edit it if it is in the draft state.
Otherwise, it will be read-only.
For more information about Version states, see the Version approval section.

To open a CyberApp Version

  1. Open your CyberApp’s Version list.



  1. Click the CyberApp Version list entry to open the actions and details panel.

  2. Click details in the available actions bar.


  1. Click the elipsis button on the CyberApp Version list entry.

  2. Select details from the dropdown menu.

The Version is opened in the General Settings page.

If the Version is in the draft state, you can modify your CyberApp Version general settings or select an option from the menu to modify the functionality.


For more information on modifying your CyberApp Version functionality, see the the extension points chapter.

If the Version is any other state, you can only inspect the contents.