Version list

Since your CyberApp functionality can change over time, you can create multiple (up to a maximum of 50) Versions per CyberApp.


Each CyberApp Version must be approved by Acronis before it can be deployed to a production environment.

To see your CyberApp’s Version list

  1. Open your CyberApp.

  2. Select the CYBERAPP VERSIONS tab.


The list includes the following information about your CyberApp Versions:

  • Version
    The version number of the Version.
  • Description
    This is the Comment that you entered when you created the CyberApp Version.
  • State
    There are 4 possible states:
    • draft
      You are working on the Version.
    • review
      You have submitted the Version to Acronis for approval.
    • awaiting
      Improvements requested by Acronis (or you) are pending.
    • approved
      Acronis has approved the Version.


      For more information on the Version approval states, see Version approval process.

  • Created
    The date and time that you created the CyberApp Version.
  • Localization

To filter the list

The list can be filtered based on the Description column.

To filter the list, start typing a string in the Search field.
Filtering is dynamic. The list is refined with each character you type.

To show or hide columns

  1. Click columns.

  2. Select or clear column options.

To open the actions and details panel for a Version

Click the Version list entry to open a panel with available actions and Version details.


The Version details include a Reason for state update field.
This is the comment entered by the person who made the latest state change.


The available actions depend on the Version State.