CyberApp types

Depending on your solution type and business goals, your CyberApp can be classified as one of three types:

  1. Inbound CyberApps
    Add a new solution to Acronis Cyber Platform and expand its functionality.
    In this case, Acronis partners see inbound CyberApp solution in the application catalog, from where they can enable, configure, and use it like a native Acronis service.
    Inbound Cyberapps can extend functionality in multiple ways.
    For example, they can:
    • Provide a dedicated page or section to manage the ISV service configuration.

    • Manage the ISV’s endpoint agents - list the devices with agents, display their attributes and execute commands.

    • Configure the ISV’s endpoint agents as a part of the unified Protection Plan.

    • Reuse and extend alerts management functionality by submitting alerts generated in the ISV service to Acronis Cyber Platform.

    • Display reports and visualize the data provided by the ISV service in the Acronis Cyber Platform UI.

  2. Outbound CyberApps
    Allow Acronis services and data to be provisioned, deployed, managed, and monitored via a third-party platform.
    This allows partners and customers to work with Acronis through a third-party tool or service portal, and the ISV service to monitor and manage Acronis Cyber Platform features, such as:
    • Configure which features of Acronis Cyber Platform are available to ISV partners and customers.

    • Set up usage quotas and collect actual usage data.

    • List available workloads and Protection Plans and assign Plans to workloads.

    • Receive and process alerts raised by Acronis Cyber Platform.



Whether yours is an inbound or an outbound CyberApp, you need to create it and deploy it using Vendor Portal.
Once deployed, your CyberApp becomes available to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as a feature provided by Acronis Cyber Platform.
  1. Custom CyberApps
    Are built for very specific needs of an organization and/or its end customers. As such, they are made available in a specific partner tenant and are not published globally.
    They are built to simplify ISP operational activities and/or to integrate services into Acronis Cyber Platform.
    They can be a combination of inbound and outbound.


    For assistance with Custom CyberApps, contact us by clicking the Contact us button at Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Solutions Portal.