Design and development

Identify the integration type and scenarios

Each Cyberapp begins with identification of the CyberApp type and the scenarios it aims to support. To help identify the CyberApp type and scenarios, the following questions can be used:

  • What is the purpose of the CyberApp?

  • What features does the CyberApp provide to its users?

  • Does the service need the platform data for its own use?

  • What customer data will be processed by the CyberApp?

Identify the extension points and create CyberApp Version

Once the Cyberapp type and the scenarios are identified, the CyberApp developer must identify which extension points can be used by the CyberApp and create the CyberApp Version.

Create CyberApp Description

To create a successful CyberApp, the ISV business owner must describe the Cyberapp in a CyberApp Description, which is used to promote the CyberApp in the application catalog. This helps customers to know if it suits their needs.

Create and configure a callback handler

To establish the communication from the Acronis platform to ISV service, the CyberApp developer must create a callback handler and configure callback actions that the ISV service will recognize and execute, and return the data in the specified format. This allows the platform to send tenant mapping and request service-specific data using the configured callback actions, , for example.

Refer to Callback handler for more details.

Create and configure a connector

To establish communication from the ISV service to the Acronis platform and report new resource types, the CyberApp developer must create a connector and host it on ISV’s infrastructure. The connector will enable data synchronization between the ISV service and the Acronis platform. The connector can be also created and hosted by Acronis, should the ISV request it.

Refer to Connector for more details.

Deploy to the test environment and test the CyberApp

When a CyberApp Description, a CyberApp Version, a callback handler and a connector are ready, the CyberApp developer can deploy the CyberApp to their test environment and test the CyberApp with their quality assurance team.