Exporting and importing Descriptions

A CyberApp Description can be exported as a .zip file, called a package.
Packages have a standardized directory structure containing files which provide declarative definitions of the Description.

Description packages can be modified (using a text editor) and then imported to create a new Description for the same CyberApp or for a different CyberApp.

Description package structure

Description packages consist of:

  • Two Vendor Portal system directories which start with a .


    Vendor Portal system directories should not be modified.

  • An assets directory.
    This contains binary images, such as company logos, presentation slides, user interface icons, etc., that are used by the entities.


    During the CyberApp deployment, assets are pushed to Acronis S3 storage and their names will be changed to relevant S3 storage paths.
    All assets are considered public, and no additional access checks are applied to these assets on S3 storage.
  • A dictionaries directory.
    This contains files with localized Description content strings.
    For example, a dictionary file might provide the CyberApp’s Catalog card description and Detail page description fields in another language.
  • An entities directory.
    This contains declarative definitions of the Description’s entities.
  • An index.json file, which provides overall information about which entities, assets, and localization dictionaries are included.


You can download an example package here and inspect its contents.