Adding an alert type

Alert types deliver alerts created by your CyberApp to Acronis Cyber Platform so that they will be visible alongside standard Acronis alerts.


If the Version is in the draft state, you can add alert types.
If the Version is any other state, you cannot.
For more information about Version states, see the Version approval section.

To add an alert type

  1. Open the Version.

  2. Select Alerts from the left-hand menu.

  3. [If necessary] Click Enable to enable the extension point.

  4. Click Add alert to add an new alert type.

  5. Enter a Name and a Description for the new alert type.
    These are only displayed in your alert type elist.
  6. Select a Category from the dropdown list.


    To send an alert of this type, the connector must specify this value in the alert’s category field.

  7. Select a Severity from the dropdown list. the options are:

  8. Specify a unique Code for your alert type and take note of the CTI.


    To send this alert, the connector must specify this value in the alert’s type field.

  9. Click Save changes.