Deploying CyberApps

When you deploy your CyberApp, you specify which Version and which Description will be used in the deployment and - for production deployments - which Data Centers (DCs) to deploy to.

There are two deployment types:

  • Test environment
    You should deploy to your test environment before you request production deployment to ensure that the CyberApp Version works as you expect it to, and that the Application Catalog card and dedicated page generated from the CyberApp Description look the way you want them to.
    CyberApps deployed to your test environment are only visible to the partner tenants which you specify for the test deployment.
    For a test environment deployment, you can deploy a Version and/or a Description that Acronis has not yet approved.
    However, the deployment Description must be valid. (I.e., all required content must be supplied).


    Vendor Portal automatically approves and deploys test environment deployment requests.

  • Production
    For production deployment, you can only deploy Approved Descriptions and Approved Versions.
    If you don’t have at least one Approved Description and at least one Approved Version, you cannot request a production deployment.
    Production deployment requests must also be approved by Acronis prior to deployment to the specified production environment(s).


    To help ensure a smooth and speedy approval process for a production deployment request, we recommend that you first deploy your Version and Description combination to your test environment.