CyberApp components

The following diagram outlines the key components of a CyberApp and its interaction with Acronis Cyber Platform:


CyberApps are created using the Vendor Portal. Vendor Portal developers describe the CyberApp funtionality and specify the resource types it will bring to the acronis Cyber Cloud platform (for example, new alerts, workload actions, main menu item, etc.). The functionality and resource types are specified in entities called CyberApp Versions.


For more informatiom, see the Building Cyberapps chapter.

CyberApp implementations typically consist of four key components:

  • Platform extensions
    These describe new resource types that the CyberApp brings to the Acronis Cyber Cloud platform.
    CyberApps interact with Acronis Cyber Platform via extension points: the platform components responsible for specific functionality.
    Each extension point has an API to both submit new data to the platform and read already available data.


    For more information, see the extension points section of the Building CyberApps chapter.

  • CyberApp Description
    This Cyberapp entity stores marketing details and materials, which are displayed to Acronis Partners in the application catalog when the Cyberapp is deployed.


    For more information, see the Promoting CyberApps chapter.

  • Connector
    This component is responsible for data flow between the ISV service and Acronis Cyber Platform. It receives and sends data via the platform APIs.
    While extensions define the functionality of the CyberApp, the connector delivers the data, such as alerts, workloads, events, etc., from the ISV service to the Acronis platform (for inbound CyberApps) or from the Acronis platform to the ISV service (for outbound CyberApps).


    For more information, see the Connector section of the Technical reference chapter.

  • Callback handler
    This component is an API endpoint that accepts HTTP requests from Acronis, processes them according to the specified format, sends the corresponding action to be executed by the ISV’s service and returns the operation result.


    For more information, see the Callback handler section of the Technical reference chapter.

Based on the extensions and the data provided by the connector, the CyberApp extends the Acronois platform interface with new elements that represent the ISV’s service.