Multiple partner mapping

The MSP - with several Acronis data centers and multiple Acronis accounts - wants to access all customers in one place within PSA.


  • The MSP has enabled the CyberApp.

Basic flow

  1. The MSP must provide valid API client credentials for each Acronis partner tenant. The CyberApp must use these credentials to authenticate in the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud by requesting an access token.

  2. The vendor’s PSA interface must fetch the data about the MSP’s Acronis tenants using public API and provide a way to manage the mapping of MSP’s PSA customers that are in different Acronis partner tenants.

  3. The mapping should consist of:

    1. Acronis data center.

    2. Acronis partner tenant.

    3. Acronis customers.

API endpoints

  • Suggested with parameter/s:
    • GET /api/2/tenants?parent_id=

    • GET /api/2/tenants?subtree_root_id=