Deploying to test

When you deploy to your test environment, neither the Description nor the Version need to be in the approved state. Test environment deployment requests are automatically approved and deployed: no deployment request approval is required.


You cannot delete test environment deployments. Older test environment deployments are superceded by newer ones.

To deploy to your test environment

  1. Open your CyberApp deployment list.

  2. Click Add and select Deploy to test environment.

  3. [Optional] In the Description field, change the description of the test deployment.


    By default, a test deployment Description is set to “Deployment - (date)

  4. In the Tenants list, select the ones you want to test deployment for.

  5. For each selected tenant, select:

    • CyberApp Version
      All of your Versions are available to deploy on your test environment, including Versions which are not yet Approved.

      You can also select No Version from the dropdown list to only publish the Application Catalog card.


      For more information, see No Version deployments

    • CyberApp Description
      Only valid Descriptions can be deployed.


      For more information on valid and invalid Descriptions, see Opening a Description
    • Publishing tag
      This adds a text tag at the top left of the Application Catalog card.
      The options are:
      • None

      • New

      • Coming soon

      • Lighthouse


      For more information, see Catalog card.

    • Deployment status
      • Visible

      • Hidden

  6. Click Next.

  7. Review your test deployment settings.

  8. [Optional] Click Back to return to step 3 and make changes.

  9. Click Send for approval.

Your test deployment request will appear in your deployment list with a status of ready.
Within a few moments, the status will change to deploying and, a few moments later, to deployed.


For status changes to be registered in your deployment list, you must refresh the list.
To do this, select a different tab (for example, CYBERAPP DESCRIPTIONS) and then return to the DEPLOYMENT tab.