Creating a Version

Since your CyberApp functionality can change over time, you can create multiple CyberApp Versions.


The maximum number of Versions that you can create for each CyberApp is 50.

To create a CyberApp Version


You can also create a new Version by importing a CyberApp Version package.

  1. Open the CyberApp Version list.

  2. Click add.

  3. Enter the CyberApp Version version number.

    Each CyberApp Version must have a unique version number.
    The version number helps you manage multiple CyberApp Versions.
    We recommend incrementing the minor number (e.g., 1.1 -> 1.2) for lesser changes, and incrementing the major number (e.g., 1.5 -> 2.0) only for more significant changes.
  4. [Optional] Enter a comment.

    This helps you identify CyberApp Versions when you have multiple.
    It only appears in your Version list.
  5. [If you turned on the Connection to Acronis API toggle switch when you created the CyberApp ] You must specify the Callback handler base URL field.

  6. Click Add.


    Your new CyberApp Version is opened on the General Settings page.

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