The MSP wants to monitor the state of Acronis agents and their actions.


  • The MSP has enabled the CyberApp.

  • The MSP has mapped customer tenants.

Basic flow

The CyberApp should fetch information about the protected workloads for all mapped customer tenants. The update must be done at regular intervals via Acronis API and the information must be stored locally.

The information about the protected workloads should include:

API endpoints

Agent version

Various information


The following information is fetched using this single API:

  • Protection plan name and status.
  • Last successful backup date & time.
  • Next backup date & time.
  • Last successful antimalware scan date & time (an additional item under the same call).
  • Next scheduled antimalware scan (same item).


#Cyberfit score is also fetched with the same API endpoint but suggested with one additional parameter:

  • GET /api/resource_management/v4/resource_statuses?type=resource.machine&include_attributes=true

Backup size (in bytes)

Blog article

Example with alerts monitoring and protection status