This element is a group of buttons that can be used to select different options.


  • ID
    Element identifier used to refer to in the callbacks/other areas.
  • Field type
    Specifies what kind of data this element represents.


    This property is only available in Connection setup form.

    • Connection settings indicates that this information will be sent to the ISV servers but does not need to uniquely identify a user and is not sensitive information that must be stored and sent in a special way.

    • Additional settings

  • Type

    • Checkbox
      The buttons act as checkbox elements.
      Multiple buttons can be selected by the user.
    • Radio
      The buttons act as radio elements.
      Only one button can be selected by the user.

To add buttons:

  1. Click New button.

  2. Enter the button label.

  3. Repeat for each button.

  4. [Optional] Click the uparrow and downarrow to reorder the list.

  5. [Optional] Click delcross to delete a button.