Adding responses


If the Version is in the draft state, you can add a callback response.
If the Version is any other state, you can only inspect the contents.
For more information about Version states, see the Version approval section.

To add a response

  1. Open the callback.

  2. Select the RESPONSES tab.

  3. Click Add response.

  4. Enter a unique Code and copy the CTI for use in your callback handler implementation.

  5. [Optional] Enter a callback response description.

  6. Enter a unique HTTP code.

  7. Compose the JSON schema for the payload.


To learn more, see Composing JSON schema for a payload.


If you leave the payload structure empty, the response will not include the payload field.

  1. [Optional] Repeat the steps for each new callback response.

  2. [Optional] To delete a response, click the response’s delete button.

  3. Click Save changes.