Creating a CyberApp


Only Vendor Portal developers can create a CyberApp.

To create a CyberApp


The maximum number of CyberApps you can create is 20.

  1. From your CyberApp list, click create.

  2. Enter a unique name for your CyberApp.

  3. [Optional] Edit the CyberApp code.


    The CyberApp code must be unique. It consists of two parts:
    • Vendor Id
      Unique to your organization. Cannot be modified.
    • CyberApp Id
      CyberApp name (in lowercase) is the default.
    1. Click the pencil icon.

    2. Change the CyberApp Id part of the CyberApp code.
      To revert to the default, click Use default code.
  4. [Optional] To access the Acronis API, turn on the Connection to Acronis API toggle switch.


    A connection to Acronis API is required to allow your CyberApp to push/pull data to/from the Acronis platform.

  5. Click Create.
    If you did not turn on the Connection to Acronis API toggle switch, your CyberApp is created.
    If you turned on the Connection to Acronis API toggle switch, Client ID and Secret credentials are generated.


    Client ID and Secret are credentials that are critical for the authentication of your CyberApp and API calls.
    You must copy and store them in a safe place.
    This information cannot be retrieved if lost.
    1. Click Copy.

    2. Paste the information in a file, and store the file somewhere safe.

    3. Click Close.